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Hello!.....Here I'm known as 'Rustybat'....I am the creator,artist and writer of FURRLOUGH's "ACE AND QUEENIE" series....I would very much like to hear from any furry fans who have read A&Q about how they are enjoying my series....what do you like or don't like about it? Please feel free to reply to this post! Thank you!



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You need to seriously clean up the art. It's 'way, 'way too "busy".Get rid of all the scratchy stuff and use simple solid blacks and whites. No shading, no texturing, no scribbly linework. Right now it's next to impossible to follow the story because the art is so busy I can't tell what the hell is happening in any given panel.

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Hello......I'm sorry you feel that way....please know that I am constantly working to improve my artwork......I hope you will continue to read A&Q...thank you for commenting!-Rustybat.

-Rustybat...."Scribbling myself into a stupor since 1987!"

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Sadly Rustybat is no longer with us. His art was excellent, he was a kind person. Ace and Queenie were enjoyable and came from his heart. We shall miss him.

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