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I have written about many diverse subjects in the genre of sexuality, but this takes the cake. Let me tell you a little bit about a subculture of people who call themselves “furries.”For those of you who haven’t heard of this kink before, it is less socially acceptable than S & M, but just as organized. “Furries” are people who have a fascination with stuffed animals, animal costumes (i.e. mascots) and cartoon animals.

Sometimes, this unusual excitement over the presence of fake fur is purely innocent. Some just enjoy the childlike appearance and soft feel of synthetic fur.

If this were always the case, I wouldn’t be writing about this subculture. There are people within this happy family who have a pure sexual attachment to these pretend animals.

“Plushies” are people who have a deep attraction, often sexual, to stuffed animals. Now, this may seem twisted, but keep in mind this is a completely harmless kink. I am pretty sure the stuffed animals don’t mind.

In some cases, “plushies” rub a stuffed animal against their, um, genitalia until they get off. Others cut a hole in the stuffed animal so they can actually have sex with it — literally “screwing the stuffing out of it.”

Apparently, fake fur and stuffing have a pretty erotic feel. Many of these people own more stuffed animals than any average 8-year-old girl.

There are furry conventions, furry Web sites, and people who specialize in making costumes for furries. Furries consider themselves one big happy family, as they are emotional support for each other. This is a subset of culture that is very accepting of each other, while outside society shuns them.

There are other aspects to this culture, such as “skritching.” Skritching is when one animal costume-clad furry cleans another animal costume-clad furry’s fur. Yes, you saw the monkeys do this exact same thing the last time you went to the zoo.

Many furries love that this is a normal occurrence in the furry world because it eliminates the pressure of having to hold a conversation with another person. Instead of talking, you can just eat imaginary bugs out of another’s fake fur.

Some people “skritch,” some screw stuffed animals, others just rub up against each other like cats. Still, there are others who cut a hole in the seam of their big, plush costumes. I’ll give you one guess as to where this hole is. It could be a perfectly innocent, located for urination purposes sort of hole, but let’s be practical here. They are definitely doing it in those giant Simba costumes.

Speaking of Simba, “Lion King” is very popular in the furry culture (lots of furry things and great animation, so of course it’s big).

I am in no way one to judge, but I have spent many sleepless nights researching this subject (or a half-hour on Google, whatever). I have a theory based on the research I have done.

Many of the people interviewed for these sites were self-proclaimed “nerds,” or very intimidated by social settings. One of the men said he could be in a room full of beautiful naked women and one school mascot, and he would be all about the mascot.

To me, this shows more of a fear of human interaction that is broken up by the barrier of a large foam head between them than a kink. On the other hand, who am I to say?

These people aren’t hurting each other or any one else. Let them have their social anxiety masked in a sexual preference. Or, maybe these are just some kinky, open-minded, costume-wearing, fur-loving people.


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So, furry-bashers have now been reduced to publishing in campus newspapers. And not only that, but it's in a sexual column, which every campus newspaper has, and which invariably is looked down on by every last one of the actual students.

You know, I really do enjoy watching them forced to resort to ever less respectable methods of distribution. In fact, after reading this, I've decided not to have any more stupid hangups about not admitting to being a furry. I mean, what is anyone going to do about it? If they insulted me for it, they would make themselves look like some crank that writes 20 editorials to the student newspaper every week and then accuses the newspaper of censorship because they only printed one. No more reputation for them....

In a way though, it's almost sad. These people so earnestly believe they're going to hurt the fandom by writing a hit piece about it. But the fact that sales of furry comics, including non-sexual ones, invariably shoot up after every hit piece does very much prove otherwise.

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But the fact that sales of furry comics, including non-sexual ones, invariably shoot up after every hit piece does very much prove otherwise.

Interesting proposition. Do you have the figures to back that? Do you have additional evidence supporting that you are not committing a fallacy by believing that correlation implies causation (which it does not)?

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The article is simple mosaic plagiarism from the Vanity Fair story; neither impressive, nor anything new. The laziest sort of reporting is this kind of faux-intellectual rehash of what you read on the toilet last night.

Just a minor point... When will people learn that "plushie" only means a stuffed animal, while "plushophiles" are the plushie-boinkers? I have to wonder how many other microcultures get their lingo overwritten like this. =P


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It's not surprising to see them get some details wrong, and certainly points to pure laziness in their bashing. As you said.

I've seen "plushie" taken out of context before, even though most non-furs know it's just a stuffed animal, but it's amusing to see just how badly this person mis-interprets "skritching" as well. ;)

Rocket City FurMeet

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what is so hard for mundanes to get their heads arround that while sex may be a part of everything, everything ISN'T just a part of sex?

sex is cool. sex is fun. furrys undoubtedly have sex just as everyone else does.

how in the heck does that make sex have to be what we're about?

the only thing i can figgure is that anyone who thinks that, mundane or fur, just has sex on the brain to begin with.


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