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Morphicon Hotel Name Change!

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The Morphicon 2007 hotel, the Radisson Columbus-Worthington, is transmogrifying into a Holiday Inn. This change is set to take place in June, but it is possible that signage outside the hotel will say "Holiday Inn" rather than "Radisson" by the time of our convention. Please do not be alarmed or confused by the change! Only the name of the hotel is changing.

If you want to get the discount room rate, you MUST reserve by April 26th. Call the Radisson directly at 614-436-0700, or fax them at 614-436-5318. You may also call the central office at 1-800-333-3333. Either way, be sure to ask for the Morphicon room rate (room block MOR-07).

Hotel Liaison Type Fuzzball


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