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Heathen City to launch at Anthrocon

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Volume One of Heathen City, a new graphic novel from Bad Dog Books, has been announced with a release date of June 26 2008, to coincide with Anthrocon.

Heathen City is a modern, urban, gritty erotic thriller intended for mature audiences, written by Alex Vance, illustrated by Ayato, Distasty, Krahnos, Charha and Fel, with cover art by kamui, and will be sold at the FurPlanet table at Anthrocon.

The announcement coincided with a significant update to the Heathen City website, with more preview art than was previously available, and additional information on the plot and characters.

The final product will be aproximately fifty pages of full-color, high-quality anthropomorphic graphic fiction, printed by FurPlanet.

Further updates are available from the Heathen City mailing list.


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