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New Furry Enviro-centric TV Series

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Stephen Silver is a British cartoonist & animator who's currently a character designer for Disney. As a personal project, he's developing an ecology-minded animated series involving a group of endangered species who are also time-travelling pro wrestlers. It's called Wild Life Force. Looks nifty, especially the Howard Cosell ferret.


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...oh no.

This looks like one of those shows that looked good on paper but will totally and completely flop despite its good intentions. Sounds like a cross between Dinozaurs and Mummys Alive, both of which were tremendously bad shows.

...and the wrestling bit doesn't help. =P

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IMHO, I love the character designs and ecology message of the show, but it does kinda fall down in the final execution. I dunno if watching a komodo dragon go all WWF on the 'spirit of poaching' will carry the proper, erm, message to kids. Still, it _looks_ good, visually speaking.

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sounds more like a furry version of captain planet to me - which i thought was a good thing - and i happened to have LIKED mummys alive - though i question the wisdom of throwing in the wrestling bit - don't know if that will help or hurt selling it - personaly i hope someone does buy it and put it on - i think the stable of stock villans looks a bit overly simplistic and of course that's always the problem - and once something like this gets rolling there probably wont be time to rethink that and therein might lie the weakness - but it's a tough balancing act - to tell anything like it is without turning off too many potential supporters - i think that's what ultimately killed planet but if it can find support it ought to be good for at least one season - i know i'll for sure watch the first couple of episodes at least if and when it ever shows up where i can - ... - hmmm and the wrestling bit might even pull in some of the audiance that NEEDS to see something like what this seems to have in mind ... ~;)

stay well and keep doing the wonderful things that you do ... ~;)

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I'm afraid I got no farther than the phrase 'Time traveling pro wrestlers' before my mind shut down. :P What, no ninja mimes? No alien mutant insects? No space-bound talk show hosts?

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Interesting concept. Whether the show turns out any good depends on how the episodes are written/produced. (I will say the wrestling bit is two strikes against the show going in.) I hope they don't try to preach environmentalism constantly.

A most interesting fact is that half the opponents are characters representing TOTALLY NATURAL FORCES! (Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, disease.) And fire is about 50-50 natural vs human caused ...

Richard Reid
Captain; Webship Corwinda

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In the villan camp, all but Poacher, Slick, and Pollution are natural events!

What sort of environmentalist show depicts natural occurances like earthquakes as being caused by man? This looks to be a lame attempt to make a cartoon (for kids) that will cash in on two angles simultaneously; environmentalism and wrestling. Trying to pass off grab-cash shows as educational just annoys the heck outa me. At least Capt. Planet had _some_ redeeming value by getting an awareness started, even if the sermons were a bit too simplistic (Fire Bad! Fire Bad!)

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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Has anyone noticed the lack of female characters? hmm......

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