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Heathen City available for preorder

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The first volume of the hotly-anticipated anthropomorphic graphic novel Heathen City, which will debut at Anthrocon '08 on June 26, is now available for preorder from FurPlanet.

The first volume of Heathen City, titled 'Always on the Run' consists of 46 full-color pages, written by Alex Vance and illustrated by Ayato, Distasy, Krahnos, Charha and Fel, with cover art by Kamui.

For pre-orders the cover price is reduced from $24.95 to $19.95.From the back cover:

"Bullets for breakfast. Death for dessert.

When the hustler Owen Zelazny and his Latin flame Ruy Ortega find themselsves pursued by a sadistic psychopath with a nebulous agenda, the only thing they know how to do is run. Boost a car, book a flight, pick some pockets to pay the bills an just run.

Their only hope is a man who’s robbed, killed and betrayed to save himself and those precious few he gives a damn about. With him around, somebody’s bound to get killed.
Usually the bad guy. Usually. Maybe.

This is a world where love is cheap and life is cheaper.

Buckle up for a hell of a ride."

Heathen City is intended for mature audience only, featuring some violence and graphic sexual activity.


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