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Upcoming furry comics for March 2009 (Previews only)

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Happy 2009! A number of new items this month besides the usual.

JAN090103 Usagi Yojimbo #119 24pg, b&w $3.50
by Stan Sakai

PAGE 107
JAN090247 Looney Tunes #172 32pg, color $2.50
by a football team's worth
'Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enjoy this super-silly spy issue of LOONEY TUNES.'

JAN090248 Scooby-Doo #142 32pg, color $2.50
by a 47-man squamish team's worth

PAGE 155
JAN092366 Mice Templar Sketchbook #1 32pg, color $2.99
by Glass and Oeming
'Filled with never-before-seen artwork by MICHAEL AVON OEMING from all phases of the development of the acclaimed anthropomorphic series. And featuring an all-new short story that bridges the gap between series volumes one and two . . . .'

PAGE 210
JAN093941 Ubu Bubu #4 24pgs, b&w $3.50
by Jamie Smart
Ubu Bubu the cat+demon finished his soul-gathering last issue and Armageddon has arrived. But there's still enough unfinished business to fill a final issue.

PAGE 215
JAN093959 Gold Digger #105 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
'The citadel of T'uala is unearthed and unsealed for the first time in thousands of years.' Fighting ensues. Last month they spelled it 'Tua'la'.

JAN093960 Gold Digger: Maidens of Twilight #3 (of 4) 32pg, b&w $3.50
by Fred Perry & Robby Bevard, & J.L. Anderson
I said last month that #2 was color. Sorry.
The heroines fill their last hours with 'introspection, confessions, true love, and broken hearts'.

JAN093961 Gold Digger Tech Manual #3 32pg, color $3.95
by Fred Perry with Doug Dlin
I'm sure Fred Perry enjoyed creating all this stuff.

PAGE 218
JAN093991 Sonic Universe #2 32pg, color $2.50
by Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley
'The second issue of the new, ever-expanding, all-encompassing series revolving around Sonic's many friends and foes, with continuity aligning with the regular monthly Sonic comic.' Oo, flashbacks.

JAN093992 Sonic the Hedgehog #198 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn and Renae De Liz
'[T]he countdown to the epic Sonic the Hedgehog #200 continues!'

JAN093993 Sonic the Hedgehog Archives Volume 0: The Beginning tp 96pg, 5x7", color maybe $7.95
by various
New printing in the new smaller format. Collects ##0-3.

PAGE 242
JAN094069 The Muppet Show #1 (of 4) 24pg, color $2.99
by Roger Langridge
'The incomparable Roger Langridge (Doctor Who, Fred The Clown) brings his absurdist humor to The Muppet Show stage! Longing for the swamp, Kermit forlornly plucks his banjo, while Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and the entire gang tries to jolly him out of his funk. Packed full of madcap skits and gags, The Muppet Show is sure to please old and new fans alike.' I wouldn't ordinarily touch this, but it's by Roger Langridge!
Also this month is Disney/Pixar's Cars #1, for you nonfurry anthropomorphophiles.

PAGE 277
JAN094195 The Bun Field sc, 7"x7", 80pg, b&w $12.95
by Amanda Vähämäki
'Characterized by an intriguing disjointed rhythm and delicious pencil-smudged style, The Bun Field is defined by a surreal ebb-and-flow, possessing a deep sense of foreboding and hurt, yet maintaining a biting sense of humor. Amanda Vähämäki's first graphic novel is infused with a sense of abbreviated adolescence and a kind of grey sky banality. A young girl dreams of a dinosaur eating Donald Duck; wakes to find a bald, hulking stranger sharing her breakfast; leaves to take a car trip with a bear; falls and breaks a tooth, to have it replaced from her dentist's dog's mouth; and pays back the favor by plowing a field of buns. Young people and anthropomorphic animals commingle in dreamy landscapes, performing mundane tasks that are skewed with an absurd and fantastic edge.'

PAGE 282
JAN094228 Castle Waiting #2.#15 24pg, b&w $3.95
by Linda Medley
'Moving day, as just about the entire Castle pitches in to make things go more (or in some cases less) smoothly! Also in this issue, Pru is visited by a ghost, Rackham gives a stirring speech, revelations about what happened to Simon's father are aired, and Jain is given a mysterious set of keys to an empty store room.'

PAGE 284
JAN094237 Uncle Scrooge #388 sc, 7"x10", 64pg, color $7.99
by the two below
'In Bas Heymans' feature-length "Shiver Me Timbers," Scrooge's pirate treasure quest gets him shanghaied aboard a genuine ghost ship-where three ancient buccaneers have dire plans for the ducks! Then Michael T. Gilbert (Mr. Monster) brings us back to Carl Barks' underground world of Terry Fermy in "Master of Disaster!"' Looks interesting.

JAN094238 Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #703 sc, 7"x10", 64pg, color $7.99
by Romano Scarpa and Stefan Petrucha
Just two stories here too. Wow, epics!

PAGE 301
JAN094364 Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #56 200pg, b&w $3.25
by Tristran Jones and Paul Harmon
200 pages is what it says, but I think that's left over from last month; probably 32. They misspelled Tristan Jones's name too. 'Before the Shredder, New York City was ruled by one very dangerous man. Now, the Shredder is dead, the Foot Clan is in disarray, and that man has been released from prison.'

PAGE 310
JAN094400 Furrlough #189 48pg, b&w $5.99
by those below
The standard three new episodes: "Dragon Quest" by Greg Older and Style Wager; "Lancaster the Ghost Hunter" by Phil "Poinko" Gibson, and "Ace and Queenie" by Rusty Haller. All good, especially DQ.

JAN094401 Genus #90 32pg, b&w $4.99
by various
Resolicited from June. Kjartan Arnörsson's Teeka returns; also stuff by Shon Howell, Kadath, and others. 33% more material, 25% more price.

PAGE 312
JAN094414 Inukami! vol. 2 sc, 5"x7", 192pg, b&w $9.99
by Mamizu Arisawa and Mari Matsuzawa
'There was a time when Kawahira Keita thought he would never be able to shake his "black sheep" status and take his rightful place as the newest Inukami trainer in a long line of trainers. Things started to look up when he formed a contract with a gorgeous Inukami named Yoko -- until Keita realized she was extremely unpredictable and impossible to tame. Now Keita spends his days being bossed around by Yoko, and the tamer has become the tamed! When the Kawahira Clan decides to intervene, they send a pretty and demure Inukami, Nadeshiko, to teach Yoko the basics of proper Inukami behavior. Alas, Keita falls head over heels for the new dog-girl of his dreams and jealousy soon rears its ugly head!'

PAGE 334
JAN094531 Dinosaur Hour! vol. 1 sc, 5"x7", 192pg, b&w $7.99
(W/A) Hitoshi Shioya
'Journey Back to the Jurassic... and sneak a peek at your favorite dinosaurs as you've never seen them! Dinosaur Hour is a collection of comics about dinos who are bullies and ghost-believers, prehistoric pranksters and bungling little brothers. With such goofy antics, it's no wonder these guys went extinct!'
Always carry a grapefruit, Treesong


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The March 2009 issue of Castle Waiting: Vol. 2 is number 15? When was number 14 released? I bought number 13 from my local comic shop a few weeks ago and that was the most recent one... and the Fantagraphics site does not mention anything about number 14.

I would be delighted to find that there is already another issue available with yet another coming next month, provided that I can find the already-available issue.

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