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How many MUCKS (MUSH, MOO, ect) do you play on?

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15% (20 votes)
21% (29 votes)
15% (21 votes)
1% (2 votes)
4% (6 votes)
More than that
4% (5 votes)
30% (41 votes)
IRC forever!
9% (12 votes)
Votes: 136


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ahum.. don't think i ever stayed in a MUCK for more than 3 minutes..don't have the time ^_^

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I'm not into the whole online roleplay thing. I prefer actual human contact *pokes Aureth*

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Barring physically being around somebody, like the various Illinois Pack members, I think the M* are fine little ways of saving myself long distance. I can chat with my friends, catch up with what's going on in their areas, enjoy a bit of silliness and not have to pay Ma Bell $0.10 a minute.

So I wouldn't say I "play" on any of them. I just use them to cheat the phone company. (Bob We'adda'baybee'itza'boy?)

"We use them for divine retribution."

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