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How interested are you in making or wearing fursuits?

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No, thanks
25% (53 votes)
Maybe someday
41% (86 votes)
I like my fursuit
3% (6 votes)
I love my fursuit
8% (17 votes)
I love my collection of fursuits
8% (17 votes)
Been there, done that
3% (6 votes)
12% (25 votes)
Votes: 210


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that is IF i get enough of it (my first ever) finished in time to wear for fc2002 - which may or may not happen ...

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Not at all.

Frankly -- and I may be the only one around here that feels this way -- I don't usually get much interested in the fur suits / mascot costumes that proliferate at the furry cons. I'm generally more interested in the outfits that try to look more like a 'real' simulation of the cartoon or anthropomorph character they're designed after. To that end, usually a leotard and some cleverly applied make-up are more convincing than a couple of hundred pounds of fur and a big head. (The outfits worn in CATS, or some of the dancers in the LION KING parade at Disneyland, as examples.) Of course, I've seen exceptions on both ends of that equation: I've seen some beautifully constructed werewolf outfits, and some people simply shouldn't wear leotards.

Generally speaking, I find less is more.

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Actually, I was thinking about posting the same thing. While I definitely admire the work that goes into fursuits, and am impressed by the really well-done ones, as far as someone looking like a 'real' furry, I'd have to say I prefer minimal stuff too.

As far as wearing one or the other, I don't have experience with both, but I can't imagine I'd enjoy wearing a fursuit more than I enjoy just simply going around in a tail and ears. I can be myself naturally, with minimal costume, and I'd think it feels more like really being furry than donning a whole external costume would.

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No, I am not interested in wearing Feren.

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Good, more for me.

And you don't exactly wear Feren, as much as you collect lots of black panther hair on your clothes. Shedding season dontcha know ;)

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I'm not interested in being worn! O_o Panther fur is murder! Or, at least, tasteless!

Yeah, that's it....

"We use them for divine retribution."

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In regards to the shedding ... stupid heritage. I'll be bald by 35.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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I have, in fact, made myself what I call a 'coservative fursuit'. A partial mask and fuzzy clothes. I do admire people who can make full fursuits, compleate masks and all, but they just aren't for me. They seem too large and hard to handle - too many buttons and such - and the time involved is not something that, as a student, I can commit to. Maybe in the near future, when I can one, afford to make one, and two, find a way to make it comfortable and light enough... Maybe then.


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