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Elfwood Down... and Up Again?

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The Elfwood archive has hosted a lot of furry and fantasy artists for a long time. I had no idea it had been down until I found this message on their front page.

This links to a long-running conversation (spiked back into life by S'A'Alis stepping down) about how few people who offer services for free are recognized and helped when they need it -- which is while they're doing it -- but rather when they've stopped doing whatever it is they're doing for people. Want to make sure your favorite stuff sticks around? Go find the administrators and send them a warm fuzzy email. Really. They won't know how much they're appreciated (emotionally; intellectually they can check hits, connections, whatever) until you tell them.


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We definately need to thank those who do these things for free. If they decide to give up, then what would we do? They are giving their time and money to people who sometimes don't really seem to appreciate it.

What if FurNation or VCL were to shut down permanently? Do all the artists and authors have the cash and time to run their own servers? If they did, then they would be doing so.

I agree, tell the sysops and webmasters that you do appreciate them. Even if they claim it is not needed, we all can use a small pat on the back from time to time.

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As one of those folks who runs a bunch of things for free and use up much of my free time to do so, I'd like to say "You're welcome..."
I run a few things, aside from my artwork site that's not often updated. Stuff like FurryICQ and and whatnot. Got a bunch of others that you can find links to from my aforementioned sites. I help out quite a bit with Feral! as well.
Anyways, yeah... There's a lot of furs out there who do lots of great things for this fandom, who don't get much gratitude or fanfare. It's often a labor of love. For me, I do various community-oriented sites, and love to see when furs find others that local to them or find something useful on the net... or whatever. It's a good feeling to see that my manymany hours of work gets put to good use. Very rewarding indeed.
Anyways... That's about all I have to babble on about that. Take care!

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It's the old story: we never appreciate what we have until we lose it.

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