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UK furs plan to be ConFuzzled in 2008

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ConFuzzled will be held at the Manchester YHA

UK furs are looking forward to the possibility of a full-blown convention next summer. ConFuzzled is to be held during June 2008 at the the Manchester Youth Hostel in North West England. A maximum attendance of 144 is planned.[1]

To date, the largest single event in the UK has been a River Thames boat party held in December 2006.[2] Therians attracted over 50 furs and therians to Wokingham in May 2000 and 2001,[3] and various activities were proposed through 2003-5 under the names FurCon UK and BritFur, but no event was ever held.[4][5] However, regular furmeets take place under the organization of the NorthernFurs and LondonFurs.

Convention regulars BigBlueFox, Chairo, Cheetah and Timduru are said to be helping the organizers in their planning.[1]



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