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WikiFur celebrates second anniversary; contains over 7500 articles

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Contributors to furry fandom encyclopedia WikiFur today celebrated its second anniversary. Since July 2005 over 7,500 articles have been created, with more than 70,000 edits by 25 administrators, 1,250 registered editors and an unknown number of anonymous users.[1]

WikiFur contains two million words of content released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Users have uploaded over 3,700 images, many under similar free licenses.[2]

Around 1/3 of the site's articles are about people; the rest cover the spectrum of furry fandom topics, from comics and other publications to online roleplaying environments and art archives. The site also hosts a community news service.

WikiFur has been promoted at furry conventions such as Anthrocon, Further Confusion and Midwest FurFest, and advertised through Google AdWords. However, the site's biggest draw is its content. Over 50% of WikiFur's 4,000 daily visitors arrive via search engines.

WikiFur is one of the top 15 active wikis hosted by Wikia.[3] Others include Uncyclopedia (nonsense), Wookieepedia (Star Wars), Memory Alpha (Star Trek) and Muppet Wiki.


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