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Lion (Animal Actor) Contracts Cancer

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Read the article at National Post.

Most famous for his roles in 'The Ghost and the Darkness' (he and his brother were flown to Africa for the role) and 'George of the Jungle', Bongo has been the freindly, well trained and lovable centerpiece for the Bowmanville Zoo for over a decade. Reciently diagnosed with 'inoperable lung cancer', the 14 year old lion is expected to not survive untill winter.

The veteran of dozens of movies and hundreds of commercials, Bongo has now retired to live with a young lioness for the remainder of his days in Quebec. it was the hope of his trainer and freind, Michael Hackenberger, that Bongo would mate and leave a legacy, but at this point it seems unlikely.

Many southern Ontarians like myself have had a chance to meet Bongo, and like Gentle Ben, he is a very sweet and well loved animal who seems to love his trainer and his work. He is already missed at Bowmanville.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I haven't seen George of the Jungle yet, I don't think, but I have see The Ghost and the Darkness...

I think I've visitted those lions once before. It's a pity to hear about Bongo's illness, but hey, he's fourteen, and that's a rather respectable age for a big cat to get to... though they can often live a bit longer than that when in captivity.

I salute you, Bongo. The Lion shall smile upon thy soul.

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