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Upcoming furry comics for March 2010 (Previews only)

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Antarctic Press has only three Fred Perry items this month (one not relevant here). Burnout? Incidentally, not satisfied with turning Obama into a zombie-killer and a furry, this month they have the Governator. And non-Finder fans should scroll down to Lightspeed Press.

Free Comic Book Day
JAN100041 Gold Digger #101 Special FCBD 2009 edition ?pg, color? free
by Fred Perry
Leftovers from last year.
JAN100004 Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock FCBD 2010 edition 32pg, color free
by David Petersen, etc.
'Archaia is proud to present two amazing all-new stories in one fantastic flip-book! In the spring of 1153 the Mouse Guard deal with the onset of the spring thaw and the havoc it wreaks on their territories. Meanwhile, it's time to dance your cares away as Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red return...'
JAN100012 Sonic the Hedgehog FCBD 2010 edition 32pg, color free
by Ian Flynn, James Fry, and Jim Amash
Dr. Eggman has vanished--or has he?
JAN100021 Weathercraft: a Frank Comic FCBD 2010 edition
by Jim Woodring
'Are you ready? Because your life is about to change! Perception as you know it will cease! Fantagraphics proudly presents Jim Woodring's Weathercraft! Every other free comic book will pale in comparison to our powerful and supernatural print-barge for both the enlightened and perplexed masses. Marvel at the toothy preview of Jim Woodring's first original graphic novel, do your detective work with exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews, and gasp at rare out-of-print images, comics and transmissions, all from Jimland! Beware! Manhog lurks near...' Recommended.
JAN100033 Owly and Friends FCBD 2010 edition 24pg, b&w free
by Andy Runton, James Kochalka, Christian Slade
Three all-ages stories of Owly and two friends.
JAN100042 Owly and Friends FCBD 2009 edition ?pg, b&w? free
by Andy Runton at least
Leftovers from last year.

JAN100139 Usagi Yojimbo #127: The Sword of Narukami 24pg, b&w $3.50
by Stan Sakai
Another done-in-one storyline. Usagi helps a disgraced retainer recover a famous sword, but the retainer will have to commit seppuku afterward.

PAGE 103
JAN100323 Looney Tunes #184 32pg, color $2.50
by hordes
Doctor jokes.

JAN100324 Scooby-Doo #154 32pg, color $2.50
by Paul Kupperberg and Fabio Laguna
A sunken schooner with legendary Confederate wealth and...something lurking underwater.

PAGES 157, 158, 161
JAN100442 The Mice Templar, vol. 2: Destiny hc, 220pg, color $29.99
by Bryan J.L. Glass & Michael Avon Oeming
Karic and Leito 'on a collision course with destiny'. Collects Mice Templar: Destiny #1-5.

JAN100449 Jack's Knack: Blue Forest Series, book 3 hc, 32pg, color $12.99
'Jack the Rabbit wanders through the Blue Forest, watching the birds build their nests, the beaver build his dam, and the squirrels store their food -- and wonders what HE'S supposed to be doing. Join Jack on his quest to discover what he's good at…and perhaps realize that he's been doing it all along!' The previous two, including 'Tiffany's Epiphany', are offered again.

JAN100459 Elephantmen #26 32pg, color $3.50
by Richard Starkings and Moritat
'Blackthorne is assigned to assist Hip and Ebony in tracking down the MAPPO agents loose in Los Angeles. Miki reluctantly agrees to help.'

PAGES 192, 193
JAN100708 Gold Digger: Peebri's Big Adventure 24pg, b&w $3.99
by Fred Perry
Anthrobombotic funnies.

JAN100709 Gold Digger #116 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
'Madrid is captured by the forces of Vampire Queen Natasha.'

PAGE 197
JAN100739 Sonic the Hedgehog #211 32pg, color $2.50
by Ian Flynn and Steven Butler
Iron Nicole gets in the Iron Queen's face.

JAN100740 Sonic Universe #14 32pg, color $2.50
by Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley
Bat ninjas!

PAGES 228-232
JAN100834 The Muppet Show volume 2: On the Road hc, 6"x9", 112pg, color $24.99
JAN100835 The Muppet Show volume 2: On the Road sc, 6"x9", 112pg, color $9.99
by Roger Langridge w/Shelli Paroline
'Collecting issues #0-3 of the acclaimed ongoing The Muppet Show series by Roger Langridge.' Since there was no #0 of On the Road, and this is their *third* Muppet series, I presume Boom! is in the midst of converting to a zero-based numbering system and hasn't worked the bugs out yet. Or they want you to think you need to buy On the Road #4 (also out this month) as well. Or something else equally nefarious. Still, it is by Roger Langridge, unless they're lying about that too.

JAN100837 The Muppet Show [On the Road] #4 32pg, color $2.99
by Roger Langridge
'With the theatre rebuilt, the Muppets are ready to start the show, and what better way to kick off the relaunch than with some high-profile guest stars? With Bunsen and Beaker's new machine, any historical or even fictional character can be conjured up to star on the show -- and their first guest is a doozy!' Tamerlane!

JAN100831 The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck v. 2 hc, 112pg, color $24.99
by Don Rosa
The first hardcover edition, possibly, and certainly the first collection chopped into two pieces to make more money.

Also Cars #4, Disney's Hero Squad #3, Donald Duck and Friends #352, Muppet King Arthur #4, Toy Story volume 1: The Return of Buzz Lightyear (hc or sc, collecting TS 1-4), Toy Story #4, Uncle Scrooge #389, Wall-E volume 1: Recharge (hc or sc, collecting W-E 1-4), Wall-E #4, Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #705, and Wizards of Mickey #3.

PAGE 274
JAN101049 Finder: Sin Eater 10th-Anniversary Edition hc, 6"x9", 384pg, b&w $29.95
by Carla Speed McNeil
'Jaeger is a Finder, which is an aboriginal detective. Jaeger is also a sin-eater, which is a ritual scapegoat. Jaeger returns to an old girlfriend only to find that her husband isn't out of the picture and now appears to be dangerously crazy -- but hasn't done anything to hurt her. But the husband isn't just some twerp; he's Jaeger's former commanding officer. This complex story of conflicting loyalties sets the stage for the rest of Jaeger's life as told in the ongoing series, Finder. Jump on at the beginning with this chunky manga-sized volume collecting two previous trades into one volume.' This and volume two below are 'offered again', and I ordinarily don't mention O/As, but this is one of the best comics of all time and if you haven't read it you need to know about it.

JAN101050 Finder: Sin Eater Part Two sc, 7"x10", 184pg, b&w $19.95
by Carla Speed McNeil
'Jaeger can get into anything -- a holy city, a high-security prison, his best friend's wife's bed, an online world-creator's worst nightmares. What he should do once he's in is his problem? [Wha?] Mess around. This innovative science fiction series and its creator, Carla Speed McNeil, have been nominated for seven Eisners and the Russ Manning Award, won two Ignatz Awards and one Friends of Lulu Award.'

PAGE 274
JAN101051 Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #68 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Jake Black and Jim Lawson
'When April's sister Robyn contracts a deadly new form of cancer, the Turtles must take a fantastic voyage to save her from this new alien threat.'

PAGE 276
JAN101063 Dungeon: Twilight Volume 3: the New Centurions sc, 6"x9", 96pg, color $12.99
by Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, and Kerascoet
'Terra Amata has exploded and the Dark Fortress of the Grand Khan needs to master the nitro tech. To that end, they hire Marvin the Red even as others plot malevolently. Then, Marvin the dragon and Marvin the Red are trapped on a quickly revolving piece of the exploded planet, and must constantly run or fall off into oblivion!' Recommended, like vols. 1-2 (O/A this month) and all others in the Dungeon series.


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It's wonderful that every other free comic book will pale in comparison to our powerful and supernatural print-barge for both the enlightened and perplexed masses. Very nice blog, thanks for such update.

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A correction to your entry about the MUPPET SHOW book -- It's called THE MUPPET SHOW, not THE MUPPET SHOW (ON THE ROAD). It's an ongoing series, not a mini-series. The ON THE ROAD storyline was only in issues 1 - 3, and is collected in the ON THE ROAD trade paperback (which you list), along with issue #0, which I presume is included for the sake of completion. (That way, no issues of THE MUPPET SHOW are left uncollected.) But neither issue #0 nor the newest entry, #4, have anything to do with the ON THE ROAD storyline.

The 'zero' issue is not some anomaly or bizarre shift of numbering system, but is, in fact, a bit more common these days. Not all publishers use it, nor do those who do use it in all situations, but it is used by many publishers, including the major publishers (DC and Marvel), especially if they want to attract attention to a specific title.

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