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Updates to Dormant Artist Websites

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While I wouldn't normally post a random website for consideration on Flayrah, I thought it was just cause in this case... some of you might remember Tracy Butler's furry work from Yerf, and how she vanished off the face of the earth for about a year. She finally has a working website, Ainessa. Go check out her newer stuff (her updated human versions of her story characters are simply astonishing). Also among the 'I was recently resurrected and breathed the breath of life on my website' set was Aimee Majors, whose site remains in its Christmas configuration, but finally sports some news updates and additional art.



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In the he's drawn-some-new-stuff-after-a-long-absence category is Sky Rigdon. I particularly like his front page, which isn't furry art at all, but is very elegant. The "artwork" link at the bottom of the page is well-worth clicking, but take a few moments to admire the front page.

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Neat site, very easy to navigate and quite pleasing to the eye. It's a shame to see her self-deprecating so frequently in her artwork descriptions, though.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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