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Katan by Tirrel — a fluffy masterpiece

Edited as of Sat 6 Feb 2010 - 13:50
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Flash animator Tirrel (Cerberus) has created an Aztec-themed work that's worth watching. Check out the rest of his gallery while you're at it.


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Definitely deserves a spot at a film festival.

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Amazing work... Cerberus as been doing great stuff for a while and he just keeps getting better!

I'm pretty sure the creatures aren't scaly, though... check out some of the closeups (eg, when he falls down the pit): they appear to have fur scruff.

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You're right; they do act a lot like lizards but this clearly shows them to be mammals. I've updated the title accordingly.

For what it's worth, Tirrel also calls himself an "ancient lizard critter."

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