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FA Rank gives popufurs a number to obsess over

Edited as of Wed 17 Feb 2010 - 02:04
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Want to know how popular you are on Fur Affinity? FA Rank, by Taren Nauxen, will tell you.

The site uses a form of the PageRank algorithm, which forms the basis for Google's rankings. Watched users gain points which are distributed among their own watchlist.

Not everyone thinks it's a good idea, with an old straw poll showing 42% in favour of closing the site. However, FA admin Dragoneer appears unconcerned.

For those wishing to know full details, source code for the ranking system is available.

Yes, this is old news, but it was never covered here and the rankings were updated recently.


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The word Popufur makes me die a little on the inside.

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What has been seen cannot be un-seen!

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>> FA Rank gives popufurs a number to obsess over

The only one obsessing over FA Rank at the moment is YOU.

I think you're doing a VERY bad job separating fact from opinion. If you want a personal blog to rant around in, by all means, do it. It's a free internet. However PLEASE ... don't call it NEWS. First the totally distorted anthrocon ban story, and now this ... come one, what's this supposed to be, a furry tabloid?

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Well that was unexpected. I apologise if my use of the word "obsess" offended you. The piece was intended to poke fun at the idea of focussing on popularity within the fandom in general, and on FA in particular. It was not intended to hurt anyone.

Note that Flayrah's tagline is "unusually good information", not "furry news." The site publishes many things, and the delivery of what I'd call "hard news" is not this site's only goal. I would classify most pieces as news, and I think that's a good thing, but in general the site publishes information, which may have an element of opinion from the poster. That's why posts are attributed.

If you do not like the piece, you are welcome to rate it poorly. That's what the rating stars are for.

(I notice you recently registered. You must specify a valid email address. If you wish to change it, let me know.)

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Technically you're obsessing over it because you're obsessing over the word obsession obsessively.

Come one, why register only after two stories make you angry? I guess that means everything up to this point wasn't biased in any way, cause I'm sure you would have pointed it out. 2 out of hundreds isn't bad I suppose.

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Amen to that.

It is by caffeine alone that I set my mind in motion.
It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning.
It is by caffeine alone that I set my mind in motion.

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Holy crap, there's somebody more popular than blotch? I didn't think that was possible.

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It's especially impressive considering blotch is actually two people.

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Blotch who? Guess I'll have to look up their stuff.

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No! Not number 14385 it BUUUURRRRRNNNNSS! D=

Putting that aside, I don't get why many users are making a flip over this. Its just a fun lil project to see how you stack up against everyone. Did I really expect myself to be in the top 100? FA doesn't even endorse or support it, as we see Dragoneer using the greatest ever comeback line that will shake the furry fandom as we know it* I guess if theres a plus side, that MIGHT get more users to pick up drawing to get more "popularity"... that is when dramas ugly head stops kicking up dust.

* Please note that that comment may have been a tiny bit sarcastic there.

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Why did it double post on me? Guess I have to say something original here now... umm.... I wonder if we'll ever see a day when an artist who hasn't drawn porn makes it to the top 10?

There, guess that's works.

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I think it'd be interesting to see a separate list of artists with the most +favs for clean art, and for writing.

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Hah, amen to that Greeny.

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Like XBox Live Points, really. Having more doesn't make you a greater gamer, it just more likely means you're good at nothing else.

Ironically I've never heard of #1 or #2. Mine is somewhere in the 90,000 range apparently, though I don't do anything on FA really. Have no interest in drawing, notice he didn't say writing though. What, you don't think a writer can be so awesome that they leave a visual artist in the dust? Actually, he's probably right, the top visual artists in the fandom will never be topped by the top textual. Scrolling the page and reading text is so 1990...

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Not very NPOV. You've got both news and opinion on the site, but it would really shore up Flayrah's rep to keep the two of them separate.

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We quasi-support FA Rank. Not in any official stance, but we generally hand the information over to them directly so they're not probing our server like curious Martian.

You can't really use FA Rank to quantify anything. It's a neat marker, but "popularity" or any level of importance is entirely subjective. That said, I'm not for it... but nor am I against it. It's just there, and it is what it is.

I don't mind it, really. I do think people put too much emphasis on a single number. With 365,000+ accounts you're going to have a number, and it's potentially not going to be high. =P

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Oh my number is high alright, lol. But I thought a lower number was the more positive thing?

I guess you could think of it this way. If accounts were 1 to 1 with people then even at 365,000 you're still more 'popufur' then billions of people who don't even have accounts.

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. . . and aren't furs. :-)

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