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FA Rank gets a new home

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FA Rankcovered in more detail last February – has moved to its own domain:

The service has also launched a Java-based distributed updater to spread the CPU load.


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I would just like to say that the word popufur makes me want spike kittens onto rusty nails.
Furries, adding fur to a word doesn't always make it better. Hopefully one day soon you will realize the terror you have wrought upon yourselves.

To make this slightly constructive: I think that the website is entertaining while being slightly depressing.

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It isn't about making the word 'better' -- it's about making the word 'our' word. It's strictly a 'fannish' word, and this kind of thing has been going on in fan circles since the days of the original Sci-Fi fandoms of the 1930's. Nothing to get worked up about, and it's certainly no better or worse than, say, any other manufactured word that business and Madison Ave have thrown at the world over the past century.

Like, say, Kodak... or Fluffernutter.

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Antineologist- noun. A person who gets angry at the invention of new words.

Like it, it's a word I just made up? lol.

But, it's the hip thing to be these days it seems, so I think the word in this case is necessary, because trust me, these feelings stretch beyond just the fandom vernacular.

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