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FursuitTV to celebrate 4th anniversary this Saturday

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Timduru with camera

Fans of fur-heavy webcast FursuitTV are preparing for its 4th anniversary show, set to stream this Saturday at 10PM UTC (5PM EST) for up to three hours.

FursuitTV is created by Timduru with footage from ads, movies, media coverage, con videos and fan submissions. This month's edition will mix best-of clips from the past year's shows with all-new material.

Joining #FursuitTV on Anthrochat (web client) is recommended for the complete experience. The show normally lasts an hour and airs on the first Saturday of each month.


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Happy anniversary FursuitTV! I've only been watching about 6 months and I love the show! Lots of great BBF videos and crazy fursuit stuff I wouldn't see anywhere else. =3

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my old name was Jmoxfire and I change it to Snowwinterie that name seems to fit me more =^_^=
I miss watching FursuitTV

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If you're nostalgic, the old streams are still available, including various versions of the intro and outro clips, and the farewell to 2009. It ran for almost a decade. I was going to suggest Timduru might put them on YouTube for greater accessibility, but I'm not sure they'd last given copyrighted work. Intriguingly, there's a Telegram channel, chat and Discord server - perhaps it'll return someday?

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