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California legislators propose animal abuse registry

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A link-sprinkled news post in TIME discusses the possibility for a state-wide animal-abuser registry in California. [credit: Doodles/]

The proposed registry is estimated to cost anywhere from half-a-million to a million dollars to setup, plus another $300,000-$400,000 annually.

While nobody really wants to support animal abuse, an editorial from the Fresno Bee notes the current proposal does not have the backing of pet food vendors, whose products would be taxed to fund it, and suggests it duplicates the work of private anti-abuse organizations.


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I don't understand why a state would need such a registry. If California wants people to have registry, I'd think the system is already in place. Access to the criminal justice system with the web allows people to look up criminal history. If someone wants to look up if another has abused animals in the past, then there is no logic. Even if a person shows ID, they're not going to check, especially since the customer is probably paying for a pet.

This would be yet another waste of taxpayer money. Do we expect anything different from California. Recently a US Senate candidate from California suggested the state should declare bankruptcy, which states can't perform. However, municipalities in California can perform bankruptcy.

Seriously, this is how people in California want their state ran in regards to the people they've elected?

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Great. So we have a sex offender registry, and we'll now have an animal abuser registry, but no murderer registry. GREAT PRIORITIES, HUMANITY.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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"There are thing so much worse then death" -Jafar, Return of Jafar.

Apparently California agrees with the maniac sorcerer.

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