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'Lost Side of Suburbia' goes furry

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Br'er Rabbit and Ms. Reynard

GoComics-syndicated strip The Lost Side of Suburbia appears to have started a furry story arc. [Bill Marcum/a.f.f]

The comic is created by Kory Merritt, winner of the 2007 Locher Award for student newspaper cartoonists.

Kory was previously nominated for Andrews McMeel/Amazon's Comic Strip Superstar, but withdrew after signing with GoComics. The competition was ultimately won by D.C. Simpson's Girl (reminiscent of Ozy and Millie).

The author outlined the characters' origins and his intention for the current story in a comment:

Every character in this story is based on a character from an existing work of early 20th century children’s lit or a folk tale. Most are public domain characters, like Reynard the fox, but a few are still under copyright so I don’t use their names and alter them somehow. It’s supposed to be like a kid-friendly "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", which I haven’t read yet but probably should.



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This story looks awesome. Just one nitpick:

(reminiscent of their earlier work Ozy and Millie)

Should be "her work," yes?

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I used "their" due to concerns over the accuracy of either pronoun. I'll just remove it altogether.

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