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Derek Paws reported dead after auto accident

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Derek PawsDerek PawsTexan artist, fursuiter and longboarder Derek Paws (DJ) has reportedly passed away at the age of 22.

Derek was injured in an automobile accident on Monday morning, and died just after midnight the next day.


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I loved that guy with all my heart. There were soo many things that we planned to do together. I am only happy that I was there for my sweetheart till the verry end and that I made him happy. U_U He was the best mate I ever had.

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Question: did the accident have anything to do with Tropical Storm Hermine that was heading into the coastal area of Texas at the same time? The road between Brownsville and Houston spans much of the coastal area.

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I seriously do believe that the storm played a major part in the incident. Roads must have been slippery so he lost control of his vehicle :C

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The worse I've ever driven through was a blizzard and a tropical depression, certainly not an easy task, even on mostly empty toads. It's defiantly a tragic loss, my condolences to those who he had had an effect upon in his life.

When death comes by surprise, more often then not, it's by a auto accident. Drive safe all.

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That really depends on how far along to Houston he was and what route he was using though I wouldn't rule out on the possibility. Usually on the west and south side of a tropical storm, the rainfall, winds, etc tend to be less severe and doesn't stretch out as long. Assuming he was going on Interstate 77, which runs about 20-25 miles away from the Gulf coast, the rains even there were nothing more worse then a average rain shower. The rains did pick up considerably, however, once you get past Victoria.And considering he was from Houston, an area that gets its fair shares of hurricanes and tropical storms, (such as Hurricane Ike from two years back), Id think he would know better then to take the road hugging along the coast when a tropical disturbance is nearby. But then people take those risks thinking "Whats the worse that could possibly happen?". Only then when mother nature decides to rear her ugly head that people pay the price for it.

Regardless what he did, I can only take a gander at it as only so much information is being released to the public when it comes to those details.

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(Irrelevant and potentially inflammatory post deleted. --Admin)

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That's the issue of pretentiously post-Judaic monotheism, whether its in the form of Christianity or Islam (that is, not even Judaism tries this with the whole world). They both claim a symbiotic relationship between morality and the deity who one worships as a basis for one's own post-mortal destiny, and also assume that theirs is the only means to receive a less-tortuous afterlife (and that they dispute or rhetorically negate each other's claims is a natural, unfortunate aspect of claiming such monopolies over the entirety of mankind).

This is why I'm not a believer in the tenets of either religion and am not fearful of their authoritarian deity's claims over all people's post-mortal destiny (or how their acolytes may react against the slightest challenge to their faith in said deity). I am still working out my own spirituality and morality, I still wonder about whether there is a persistence of the soul, and I fiercely object to any claims of a deity's exclusive sovereignty over the hereafter (if it exists).

My advice: don't believe the hype of the demagogues, no matter how cloying and "humanitarian" or raging and raving in their mannerisms they may be, no matter how long they may carry on in their assertions against other human beings, no matter how long their "holy" books have persisted in various editions or versions of print. Don't believe the hype.

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I must say, I hardly see this as the place to discuss this.

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