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Feral! 2011 to have B?movie theme, Blotch as guests

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Camp Feral announced today that its 2011 event – their 14th since 1998 – will have a B?movie theme: 'It Came From Camp Feral!'

The event is to occur August 31–September 4, in the traditional Algonquin Park campground. Artists Kenket and Black Teagan, together known as Blotch, are to be guests of honour.

Following the interest driven by the 'Feral! the 13th' theme in 2010, Feral is once again experimenting with a creative theme, treating both the lead-up to the con and the event itself as a B-Movie. Special events, games, and film screenings are to follow the theme.

Feral also intends to resume it's year-round online presence, starting with a trailer for the film released November 2nd on their YouTube channel, and continuing with camper interaction on their Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Camp Feral is an annual furry summer camp focusing on traditional camp activities and events, as well as furry-related art, writing and costuming workshops. It was the first furry outdoor event, is the fourth longest-lasting furry event still running, and the only furry convention held at a dedicated summer camp. Registration is expected to open in December, when their new website goes live.


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