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Company offers tours of Paris for plush toys

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As reported on Gadling, Paris-based "Furry Toys Tours" offers to escort your favourite plush toy around the French capital and photograph them in front of various landmarks.

The basic one-week package costs 100€, and takes in such sights as the Eiffel Tower, the Seine bridges, and Notre Dame cathedral. The price includes thirty photographs, a certificate, a surprise souvenir, and shipping of the plush toy back to its owner.


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You know, as asinine as it may sound, I would totally buy this.

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100€ = around $140 US money. It doesnt seem like a bad idea, but the price tag isnt something I can oh so afford right now. Ans besides, Ive got so many plushes i wouldnt know which one to send.

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I get this. It's an awesome idea. If one wants to tour Europe but it's too pricey, have others pay for your trip for you, just as long as you promise something in return.

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This reminds me of an offbeat news story (or perhaps an urban legend, though I couldn't find mention of it on just now) dating from the 1990s. A rabbit lawn ornament was stolen from an elderly couple's lawn. Some months later, the couple awoke one morning to discover the ornament had been returned along with a packet of photographs showing the ornament "visiting" a variety of tourist attractions.

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I found the story mentioned on Snopes in this message-board thread.

Googling brought up this 2003 report in the Cincinnati Enquirer, about the eventual return of a rabbit statue after its unexpected European holiday.

Sort of related, someone I know had a project (now ended) in which he arranged to have some Chipettes dolls filmed in cities all around the world.

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A little more digging uncovered this 1989 story which closely matches the story I remember.

I'm actually tempted to get a few lawn ornaments and offer a standing invitation to anyone who wishes to borrow one for a trip as long as they return them with photographs and anecdotes.

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The Travelocity "Roaming Gnome" is actually inspired by that story.

Obviously, there was a version with a lawn gnome instead of a rabbit.

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Reminds me of a commercial during football games where a dad did the same thing for her stuff animal.

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What a big waste of money. I mean its pretty spiffy and all. Not my cup of tea though.

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There is another company offering similar services in new york city, and that business is run by children. the site is

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