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'ANTHRO' saved from imminent bankruptcy

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The fandom's most popular furry fanzine, ANTHRO, has been saved from imminent bankruptcy last October by none other than it's loyal readers.

ANTHRO editor Quentin Long was at risk of immediate eviction from his home and indeed the headquarters of the internet fanzine; however the community came to the rescue, raising over $500 in just a few days.

On the 12th of October, Long posted an announcement to the front page of ANTHRO, thanking the readers and furs who had ultimately saved his home and the fanzine - as well as documenting that he didn't expect such an amazing response from a last resort.

Donations in the range one-to-ten dollars? Those, I expected. But I wasn't expecting the first hundred-dollar donation... or the second... and I definitely wasn't expecting any donations over one hundred dollars!


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