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ConFuzzled '09 has sold out

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The convention has sold out 5 months earlier than in 2008, due to such positive feedback from an initially sceptical public

ConFuzzled 2009, the second rendition of the Manchester-based British furry convention, has now sold out!

ConFuzzled - the first fully-residential furry convention in the UK - was initially deemed "the convention that wouldn't happen", due to scepticism over the viability and interest in a convention; this was condemned along with previous failures at starting a British event.

However ConFuzzled turned out to be a runaway success, and that seems to have come this year too, with all places selling out five months earlier than in 2008, despite the addition of numerous "attending only" tickets (the lack of which was a large criticism of ConFuzzled 2008).

A waiting list is now in action, so if you're still iffy on attending then now's the time to make your decision.

Whether we here at FT cover ConFuzzled again as we did last year remains to be seen, but let's hope we do!


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