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BBC News writes article about furries

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BBC News, one of the most trusted news providers in the world has written an article describing the furry fandom in it's 'Magazine' mini-site.

The article, published today, aims to describe the furry fandom to a largely unaware public following the conviction of Christopher Monks and Shaun Skarnes earlier this year.

The article, similar to an earlier BBC effort, Anna in Wonderland: The Furries, has been seen as a fair and unbiased description of the fandom. It features quotes from a number of furries including TaniDaReal and FurteanTimes' own TheChainedWolf.

Update (November 13, 2009): noodleshusky's original article expanded by AlexGrey.


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Although I do say so myself, I think the article came of the well.

Interestingly, the article is currently the most read shared story on the BBC website.

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^-^ that's because we all think you're strange lol!

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On the whole it didn't come off to bad, but they did manage to stick the knife in and twist it a bit. Like any group we are not all raving sexual perverts we are as varied as anyone else.

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A small request: the next time you're interviewed for a news article, I'd appreciate it if you talked more about what furry is, rather than what it is not.

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As a first contact with furdom I found the Beeb had a fairly balanced view. It's the lowdown dirty from the likes of Murdoch's minions one has to worry about. They are worse than any animal, except fleas. Good luck. May leave the cage myself if I can find an XXXXL pelt.

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Finding a pelt is proving to be fairly hard, having only recently coming to embrace the joy of fur I don't know where to begin looking.

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*hopes CNN does an article too*

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Lol yeah that really will be unbiased then

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your all weird why would u want to be an animal i mean is it not just a form of socially acceptable beastiality =] xx

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well we do like to make animal noises. its fun!

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well everyone makes some form of noise, but to physically dress up as an animal is taking it a step to far in my opinion i mean how would you increase the sex appeal in the bedroom, introduce a rabbit and i'm not on about the ones that vibrate

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Not every furry wants to have sex while in their "Fursona" some of us jsut love the feel of the fur or to jus tbe someone else or something else. This aspect of Furries allows some members of the population to be something they can never be in their every day persona, and that is stronger and more assertive or in some cases as with everything in life more sexually stronger.

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that all being well but y would u need to hide this if there wasn't something that in fact needed hiding. It gives "furries" negative connotations as they feel they have to shy away from the public eye, its as if you are ashamed and feel you are doing something wrong. It just trying to justify something that may be in the eyes of others weird and or immoral

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thats not alowed its a secret and well established society, and isn't the term furry umbrella, i mean what one furry views it as may differ from anothers view. in essence its just wanting to either have sex with an animal or be aken by an animal, cuz that is in essence what animals do, have sex or fight and protect their families, its animal instinct

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Whiskers89, yes, there is a sexual aspect to a lot of people in the fandom, but not to most. Also, I'd like to point out that you're talking about bestiality, a pretty gross thing - different to what furries see. To those who enjoy the yiff element (which I can't see anything morally wrong with), it's nothing to do with animals and sex - it's about being comfortable AS an animal, and sex. I know, it's confusing, it confuses me sometimes, but it's all about the whole "doing things you can't do normally" thing. Nothing about finding a fox in real life and unzipping your pants.

And when I say "bestiality, a gross thing - different to what furries see", I mean that bestiality is different to what furries do, NOT "furries find bestiality isn't gross", which is a lie. Just like to point that out.

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"it's all about the whole "doing things you can't do normally""

well u cant normally have sex with animals either but that still occurs within society. I think that you should just accept that at this time society will view it as deviant behaviour.

If u take into account Jahoda's model of abnormality, you would in fact be seen as being abnormal individuals with a mental illness rather than sane people that dress up as animals which i'm sure many people see as (and i use the term very loosely) "sane" behaviour. (and that was sarcasm in case you didnt quite catch it :)

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amazing how a simple article can turn into a heated debate involving sex (both human and bestial) and fursuits. can't we just agree to disagree and enjoy life, rather than constantly being at one another's throats? this is a news site after all, not a spam and judge site. opinion is fine, that's what news is partly about. facts and opinions. but we need not slather one another in such accusations as bestiality and such. - The Redwall Animated Series - "Balto" Animated Movie - "Princess Mononoke"

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I have to agree with Chance. Fair enough, we are Furries, we are our own social group, but, we are too often tied in with the few (slightly more perverted) of the fandom that make the news and their actions are instantly linked to the rest of us. "You are a furry, ergo you must like having sex with lots of partners, wandering around in a fur-suit and having sex with animals."
What I really hate though, is the fact that I have to stress on so many occasions that Furry != Bestiality.
Humans and Furs just need to learn to get along. Makes me jealous of the Nekos, they get on with both Humans and Furs quite well...

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yeah, i like i overall ^^ showed it to a few friends, here and across seas, and those that were furry thought it gave a fairly good shot at shedding some better light on the fandom. of course they still touched on the sexual aspect, but at least it wasnt based around that.

cant have the rose without a thorn, right?

it also prooved a good chance to tell alot of people i know what i was, in a good, less awkward way lol

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