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Famous coffee maker sold

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BBC News online reports that the most famous coffee maker on the internet has been sold. Back in 1991 computer students at Cambridge got tired of taking long hikes to the coffee room only to find the pot empty, so they rigged up one of the first web cams, allowing anyone in the building (and, incidentally, anyone on the net) to check the coffee pot from the comfort of their computer chair. The computer department is moving to a new building, and has decided to sell the old pot. The full story, with a few more fun details, can be read here.


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And do I really have to explain why I thought this story would appeal to many furry fans? :)

My first reaction when I saw the story was, "No hardcore coffee addict would care whether the pot is empty or not." But then, I'm the kind of guy who, when I arrive at the coffee room at work and find the pot empty, makes a fresh one and waits there guarding it so I can have the first cup.

Then I realized that if I could know when the pot was empty before I got there, I could bring a book along with me to read while I wait. :)

Here at my place of employment we have long asked for a series of webcams in the mail room, so we could check to see if anything was in our mailboxes and save ourselves pointless trips, but the execs have never gone for it. *sigh*

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