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Kentucky Anthropomorphic Society to host 2nd 'Menagerie' event in Louisville

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The Kentucky Anthropomorphic Society will be hosting its second "Menagerie" event from 7PM on Saturday January 15 to 11:45AM the following day.

This 21+ event provides food, drinks, a place to crash (bedding will need to be brought), and a community atmosphere for $15 at the door (BYOB).

The Administrators of the Kentucky Furry Community have worked hard to attain a very large meeting space for Furries in or around Kentucky (or those willing to travel the distance), to use during our allotted time: Building Five, 640 Mix Ave. Louisville, Kentucky, 40208.

This facility, called The Menagerie, will maintain Kentucky Furs founding philosophy, offering a facility for those who are interested in subjects of the anthropomorphic or "furry" genre. This location will allow those people to share their opinions, beliefs, and interests with like minded individuals.

This official KYFurs meeting spot is revolutionary for organizations like ours whose membership density throughout our region is low. However, with the new space comes the ability for our organization to complete the following objects (to facilitate maintaining our founding philosophy):

  • Allowing KYFurs to conduct official business transparent to its membership
  • Allowing a safe meeting spot for furries to express themselves in whatever ways they see fit
  • Maintaining a stronger since of community by allowing our membership the ability to conduct panels and Special Interest Groups underneath the official body of KYFurs
  • Allowing and establishing accounting practices to expand our reach for our membership
  • To allow our membership the ability to share there opinions on the expenditures of community funds

Aside from these objectives listed above, this space will allow the membership to:

  • Organize panels for special interests
  • Setup dances and/or raves
  • Play video games or tabletop games
  • Allow a communal place for our community to eat and drink
  • Allow a inexpensive place for people to crash (if traveling from far away from Louisville)

If you are interested in attending this event, please attend!  If you would be interested in seeing events scheduled for this event, please check out The Menagerie Page, which contains more information about events which are currently planned.

If you are interested in running an event, or contributing, please create an account and join in on the discussion on our forums!


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I'm confused about what I consider some contradicting information here. This sentence " offering a facility for those who are interested in subjects of the anthropomorphic or "furry" genre." Is made untrue by this segment, "This 21+ event"

Last I checked there where a good number of people interested in furry that don't make that age benchmark (A few furs from Kentucky that are friends of mine). So it should be "Offering a facility for those who are interested in the furry fandom AND who are old enough to drink." at least that would be the only reason I believe anyone would host a 21+ event.

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There was a big discussion about this on the KYFurs forum (registration required). I think the idea is that they'll also have events for other age groups elsewhere.

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The Kentucky community is opened to having an event for everyone, however the facility operators would not allow this facility to be occupied by anyone under the age of 18. The Kentucky Furs community voted as of the 11th of december to make this upcoming event 21+. The first event we ran had around 30 furs, all of which were over 21, so we put it to a vote.

This event is striving to be all inclusive for everyone in the fandom, however at this time, it is age restricted, but will open up, once enough community funds are generated to provide quality event for everyone of every age group. Also, our organization trys to encourage is membership to vote of these issues. We will be voting after this upcoming event, to see if the opinion changes.

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