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So . . . fursuit sex?

Edited as of Fri 24 Mar 2017 - 04:50
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It's disgusting! Out them and shun them!
7% (26 votes)
Keep it off XTube, for everyone's sake
7% (28 votes)
Just leave the suits at home and we can get on
13% (50 votes)
Wear shorts and clean up after, and I'll live with it
13% (50 votes)
I admit, I'm intruiged - who makes them again?
13% (51 votes)
Oh murrr . . . *muffled heavy breathing*
47% (179 votes)
Votes: 384


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The reason I would never try fursuit sex is not on the poll:

Giant, not to scale head makes objects in suit appear smaller than they are, if you get my drift.

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Also, also:

Jesus, Green Reaper!

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I guess I should be thankful that wasn't your first response. :-D

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This is why certain suits come with their own... items.

Also, fursuits, even cute toony suits, can be made without necessarily requiring a big head like in commercial mascots.

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even though fursuits can look really amazing i find that they're still too deep in the uncanny valley (or the furry equivalent) to be arousing to me. i think its because a lot of suits look like giant stuffed animals, and i'm not a plushiephile either. i don't care that people do have fursuit sex though.

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Think you should Google "uncanny valley," dude.

It ain't the uncanny valley; you've just got a good ol' case of "meh, not sexy."

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don't need to, i know what it means.

i know that uncanny valley isn't quite the appropriate term to use with fursuits as they aren't designed to look like entirely humanoid and they are also not robots, but i would argue that what is essentially a large human-shaped stuffed animal moving around doing people things can be off-putting in the same way that a robot/doll/etc can be.

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So, Greenreaper... was this an honest question, or was it some kind of proposition? :P

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Not having a suit of my own, it could really only be the former. :-)

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Of course, of course...

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I can't say I've ever gotten aroused while in fursuit (should add that while in suit there have been no situations where I would want to get aroused while in suit either), mostly because it's just way too damn uncomfortable. I will also add that when I was working in fursuit for a short time, and a lot of times when I'm fursuiting at cons or doing events in costume - if you're in costume for any length of time you will get major shrinkage.

Love the look of fursuits and in theory... I think I could get interested in what the poll is asking, though any quality suit I'd probably (whether inside or out) be too worried about damaging it to do anything too interesting. However, I would not say I'd be against giving it a try if the opportunity ever came up ;P

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Why is "It's disgusting! Out them and shun them!" on there as an acceptable response? Out them an shun them? Is this acceptable to do to anyone? I think anyone that outs anyone or shuns anyone based on who they are or what they do in there private lives are insecure selfish little cretins that should be "shun'd" themselves.

I don't understand why people are becoming tolerant with intolerance. Its sickening.

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The survey was inspired by an implementation of this response. It is currently the least-selected option.

The number of votes amuses me. Apparently a lot of people are searching for this topic!

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A lot of people indeed - when this poll was just opened, the responses were a bit more even.

But now the last option is disproportionally popular XD

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How dare we intolerate the intolerant intolerators!

By the way "tolerate" is not a positive word, it is in fact neutral in it's meaning. Tolerant people are not supportive people. Tolerate is the line between support and oppose.

It's just in today's society "tolerate" seems to be positive because we can no longer have three different positions on anything, and neutrality no longer exists. Or as one President famously put it "You're either with us, or against us."

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I can't answer this question, there is no option for "Sex, what is that?" or "SEX? Someone's offering me sex? I need to buy a lotto ticket, it's my lucky day!"

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Kind of sad this question has more votes then any other, if people want less sex on flayrah, they have funny ways of showing it.

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