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Michigan zoo hosts Zoorotica 2011

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The Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan, is hosting an unusual special event on the weekend before next month's St Valentine's Day.

For $40 per person (or $70 for a couple), you can experience Zoorotica, a four-hour tour of the zoo with staff providing commentary on "love lives of the feathered, furry, and fanged". The tour concludes with hors d’oeuvres and a DVD presentation on animal mating behaviors.

Interested parties must be 21 or older to attend. After Zoorotica, on February 19, the zoo is holding an art workshop for artists wishing to develop their animal drawing skills.


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No. Surely this isn't a real thing right here. Surely not.

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It looks like Michigan isn't the only place holding such a Valentine's weekend event. Auckland Zoo in New Zealand is holding 90-minute "Jungle Love" tours where you can learn about "the love lives of the scaly and slimy, the furry and fanged, and the feathered and flightless!"

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Good lord!

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Lol. That's something I wouldn't expect. Could be interesting though.

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A lot of Zoo's do this, Back home in the UK, a few years back, I went to the London Zoo one and new of two other zoos in the UK that did similar events. I'd go to the local one with my fiancee if we could afford it.

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The Granby zoo in Quebec does the same gig. I recall a table with a collection of baculums (bacula?) in the hall of the South American pavillon a few years back. They're probably doing the same thing this year, tonight in fact.

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Unfortunately Drupal doesn't have the concept of external accounts. You can use OpenID to get around having a password, but it still needs those two pieces of information to create a local account.

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