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Chris Hart to publish 'Drawing Fantastic Furries'

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ChrisHartDrawingFantasticFurries.jpgChris Hart, author of several art-instruction books, is to publish Drawing Fantastic Furries: The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Anthropomorphic Characters. The book runs to 144 pages and will be available from March 15, 2011.

Hart's previous instruction books have dealt with such subjects as manga, cartooning, comics, fantasy art, and anatomy, and have included such titles as How to Draw Cartoon Animals and Manga Mania: Chibi and Furry Characters: How to Draw the Adorable Mini-characters and Cool Cat-girls of Japanese Comics.

This is not the first how-to book for "furry" art to be written. Drawing Fantastic Furries is preceded by Freaks!: How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures (2004), and Draw Furries: How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals (2009).


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Looks all right. I'll wait for the reviews though...

I borrowed that last one, Draw Furries, from my local library. It was pretty good, but I couldn't believe they only had one copy!

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I kinda liked Freaks (though I really liked how they went out of there way to never mention the "f-word").

Draw Furries seemed to be aimed squarely at the army of manga buying 14-year-old girls I keep hearing about when friends try to convince me to "get into" manga. When I saw the section on horses, I had to stop myself from checking for cooties.

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Dude, I love this guy! <3

He's one of my favorite anime artists.

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at least its a step towards making furry a little more mainstream? not a big fan of Christopher Hart to be honest. i've looked through some of his other art books and i haven't found them to be terribly helpful.

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And, very predictable, the character on the cover is female.

I am laughing out loud deep inside.

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Then you're not really laughing "out loud" are you? XDDD

But yeah. Predictable. Sell-out-ish D8

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