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KSU's gay magazine interviews furry students

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Fusion coverFusion Magazine, published by Kent State University students for the LGBTQ community, has based its latest issue on furries.

The coverage begins with a six-page profile of the fandom featuring Robby Conte (Robbyfox) and other NE Ohio furs.

Robbyfox describes his introduction to the fandom, his trip to Anthrocon 2010, and favourably compares furry fandom to the gay community, which he describes as 'more intimidating'.

The article then gives an overview of fursuiting and a dismissive mention of Vanity Fair, before diving into quotes from sociological researcher Dr. Kathy Gerbasi, a description of a local furmeet and a sub-interview with ObliviousAlly.

The centerfold consists of the 'Anatomy of a Fursuit[er]', describing key features of fursuit construction – although as no fursuit could be acquired, a rental mascot costume was used instead.

The subsequent 12 pages consist of a '3-D adventure' photoset featuring similar mascots, accompanied by excerpts from The Burgess Animal Book for Children. It follows the characters frolicking in the autumn leaves, engaging in a pillow fight, buying ice-cream, eating bananas, potato chips and candy, taking a leak, and parodying the 'NOH8' anti-discrimination campaign.

Student participants and the fandom as a whole are portrayed in an affirming and largely uncritical manner throughout the magazine.


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Very nicely covered. I'm impressed.

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I had second thoughts after seeing the cover, but the story was well thought out and researched with good interviews too.

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Well this beats my article I did about a year ago. All me and my friend had to do was answer a basic questionnaire. This was more thought out and planned. Info was correct form what I read and I do believe some of the furry stigma's where addressed in a fair way. I'm glad some people can actually do their homework and put out some quality stuff.

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Kudos to ya RobbyFox! Ya did us proud! Even an old grey muzzle like me was very pleased by what you had to say in that article. Furs like you are a benefit to the fandom in more ways than you can count.

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As a gay man and a gay journalist, I find this interesting....

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