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Rogue coder's attack takes F-List down

Edited as of 11:19
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Furry roleplaying description site F-List is down after an attack from a disgruntled developer.

While the developer's SSH access had been removed, he regained access through a backdoor. The coder gave all users administrative rights, including access to email addresses and IP logs.

In a maintenance notice, F-List founder Hexxy urged calm:

F-List will be fine. The only interest we have is in bringing the site back up, and ensuring everything is secure. A former coder uses his access to F-List's servers to mess things up. No permanent damage has been done, but things are a little emotional right now. Don't do anything stupid, that doesn't help anyone, it just creates more damage.

Repairs to the site are expected to take at least two days, but a temporary copy is available.


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Rogue is spelled... uh... rogue.

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Yeah, fixed just before you posted, but thanks. Hadn't had my morning cup of tea. ;-)

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You shut down F-list, we shut down you. There are no walls for you to hide behind now.

Moderation note: Please keep personal information off the site. This isn't

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Furries, why do they love going into the back doors so much?

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An update, and a positive outlook.

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so much trouble over a fetish roleplay site. :[

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I think F-List should be shut the fuck down and taken offline, I was a furry there for 37 years and then fucking banned me because they wanted to make false accusation's saying I was sending threatening hatemail to mods IRL. I will not rest until they are completely shut down and taken offline permanently.

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There are two sides to every story. A lot of people claim stuff like this, but in reality are unable to stop being douchenozzles.
Oh, and your personal vendetta is not a good reason to ruin the enjoyment of others, moron.

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