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Alan T. Panda withdraws guilty pleas

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Alan Berlin, better known in the furry fandom as Alan T. Panda, has withdrawn his guilty pleas in relation to charges that he sexually propositioned a 15-year-old boy online.

Berlin came to the attention of the media in May 2009, when he was first arrested for unlawful contact with a minor. According to investigators, Berlin, a resident of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, had been in communication with the teen for several weeks and had proposed travelling to the boy's home to have sex in the backyard, and in a shed on his parents' property.

In the furry fandom, Berlin was a fursuiter, babyfur, and "daddyfur/caretaker with a cub side". The media noted Berlin's connection to the fandom, as investigators believed that he and the boy had met on a furry internet site. When Berlin's home was searched, wolf and cat-like costumes were found, and it was alleged that Berlin had discussed dressing up in animal costumes as part of having sex with the boy.

At the time his arrest, Berlin was an aide to Republican senator Jane Orie. He was subquently suspended from his position and later fired.

Berlin was released from jail on June 2, 2009, after posting $100,000 bail, and on July 27 he waived his preliminary hearing in Dauphin County district court. His trial was scheduled for September 13, 2010. On October 27, just prior to the start of his trial, it was reported that he had plead guilty to three felony counts in return for the attorney general’s office agreeing to drop several other charges against him.

Berlin was originally due to be sentenced by Dauphin County Judge Scott A. Evans on January 14, 2011. Now that he has withdrawn his earlier guilty pleas, the judge has scheduled a trial for April 11, and Deputy Attorney General Michael Sprow has stated that all the previously dropped charges will be reinstated.


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Throw the bastard into a jail cell, preferably one already occupied by a Michael Clarke Duncan lookalike.

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It sounds like Alan has gotten reasonable, clued in representation. It'll be interesting to see how much of the costuming side gets thrown out as irrelevant to the case.

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Perhaps as a backup charge of perversion? I guess it does indicate clear intent to act, rather than mere fantasy.

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Sounds like he got a good lawyer.

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Remind me to stay away from this guy.

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I just hope that someone from the L&O SVU writing staff isn't sitting in the pulpit...

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I can't say this enough. I hope that too. Just look at the thing they did against Second Life,the episode called "avatar"now we can't talk about 2nd Life without people thinking we're freaks or weirdos.

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WTH? my comment disappeared?

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I can't say this enough...but this is the kinda BS we REALLY don't need associative to the furry fandom when we get judged enough on other bs as it is. I believe i'll extend a heartfelt FU very much to this kind of guy for bringing this on us. >Sighs with ears lowered, blood stained fangs showing<

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How about we extend a heartfelt FU for what he attempted to do with a kid.

I think there are bigger victims than the furry fandom here.

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Well Cross, I presumed that was without saying but yes...that as well. Suffice it to say that hopefully his parents can, or will, learn a little better parenting skills from this point forward. The disparity of such a situation as this seemingly inclines them to usually pay a little more attention to such things, altho its sad that this need happen to bring that point home. I know the parents cant watch their children 24/7, I really do understand that. Its not so much that as it is "how" kids are raised anymore. Its not hard to see that, that aspect lays hand for such things to be a little easier to get by with. Had I been like many of these kids you see now a days...back in my folks would have beaten sense into me to not allow myself to fall into such situations. It's just an entirely different culture / way of being now a days.

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What the fuck. The Attorney General dropped a good portion of the original charges against the fugly bastard if he pleaded guilty to three felony counts. He might have been lucky to get by with a couple years and heavy restriction on computer usage after release, but he decides to remove those pleas. Honestly people! Did his attorney convince him to do this? If so that man might either had some fucking crazy loop-hole to exploit or just plain fucking dumb.

Either way, Alan T. Panda is going down and going down extremely hard. If we ever hear about this guy again it will be most likely in the obituaries.

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