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Dog survives three weeks at sea following Japanese tsunami

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Another Japanese dog has survived the terrible earthquake and tsunami — this time, by clinging to the roof of its floating home after it was swept out to sea. The dog (named Ban) was rescued by the Japanese Coast Guard (with some assistance from nearby American disaster relief workers and the JSDF) during a search for survivors after its house was washed away three weeks ago. Thomson Reuters had reported that the dog was found on the roof of its home, floating 1.8 km (1.1 miles) off the coast of Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, in northern Japan. See also: Japanese dog stays by injured canine comrade after disaster

Ban was described as "emaciated, but alive" following the March 11 disaster. A Japanese Coast Guard helicopter first spotted the dog, but it was scared by the propellers, and hid under the roof. Rescuers had to descend onto the roof to try to coax the frightened pooch to safety. However, the dog still stayed away, despite the rescuers poking a hole in the roof. Eventually, the helicopter ran low on fuel and had to return to its base, but a nearby Coast Guard boat took over and rescued the dog. The Coast Guard was hoping the dog's owner may be nearby, and that the dog would lead them to its owners, but they were not found inside the floating house, according to Japanese broadcaster Nippon Television.  Ban was taken to a nearby animal shelter while the search for his owner continued.

Update:  Upon seeing news footage of the dog on NHK News, the owner recognized the dog as her pet, and was reunited with the very happy brown-furred canine.


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