Creative Commons license icon gets familiar facelift, courtesy of Bad Karma

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Doug, the news ferretDigg-style furry social news site marked this week's transition to its new home with a major user interface refresh.

The site – now using the latest version of Pligg, and a strangely familiar theme – was updated by its new host, Bad Karma Networks, better known for adult community Yiffy International and furry imageboard Ychan.


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I went to and though I was on Flayrah. Am I still on flayrah? Or is this

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Apparently the former, unless they've managed to duplicate our domain name and custom comment moderation system.

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When I was browsing it the other day I had thought for a moment they had been swallowed up by Flayrah and had been going through a rebranding!

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Well, per our conversation via IM last week GR, something was afoot. After dealing with the spam manually for months I was looking for options. I love using the site for posting quick links and such. The maintenance was become a chore and time is a precious commodity between this hobby and my real life. As Karma was an early supporter of fn, I pitched the idea to him and he jumped on it and I do declare the reborn site is impressive. We're still sifting through old articles, hunting bugs, and and looking to bring in more users and features. I wasn't ready to say anything big yet until until a week or so from now once things settled. The cat's out of the bag now though ain't it? :)

And yes we use the same theme. It's a nice, clean theme to use.

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