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The Grand List of Science Fiction Cliches

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An oldie but goodie: the Grand List of Science Fiction Cliches will provide some laughs for those of us who have read too many books or seen too many movies where "Aliens travel a zillion miles to loot the earth of resources which exist in far greater and much more easily exploitable quantities on the many uninhabited bodies they pass on their way to earth", or "the government bans music, painting, dancing or some other art form; only the hero seems to care enough to do anything about it." Check it out for some grins.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Ooh - new bookmark! Thanks. ;) This reminds me of a great book I got called "The Tough Guide to Fantasyland." It's a "tourbook" of Fantasyland. Your tour takes you past every cliche, plot device, error (galloping for days on a single horse), and over-used item that you find in fantasy fiction. It's pretty funny. =)

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