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Nazi talking dogs

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Wikipedia has a new article about Nazi experiments to train dogs to talk. The trainers claimed that one dog, when asked who Adolf Hitler was, would answer, "Mein Fuhrer".

The article is based upon a May 2011 book, Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities, by Jan Bondeson, which covers "talking dogs" back to the eighteenth century.


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How VERY interesting.

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Okay, there's a joke in here involving fake Rob Zombie movie trailers, Godwin's Law and "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog," but I'm having trouble bringing the elements together.

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Those wacky Nazis.

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>TV Tropes referense

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Bondeson says that the Nazis only planned to put the talking dogs "into the service of the Wehrmacht's troop entertainment events", which does not sound like any military usage. Bondeson "complained that much of the press coverage of his book has exaggerated or misconstrued his own findings", which tend to be "a million miles away from the press claims – which get taller by the day – that the Nazis had a legion of talking, machine-gun-toting hounds, on the point of being unleashed on the allies."

Fred Patten

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Actually, Nazi scientist doing something so, well, cute is actually more disturbing in a way than an army of Nazi death hounds.

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indeed. I love tv tropes.

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