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Gaming Furever launched

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GamingFurever.pngVideo game-based furry community and news site Gaming Furever has launched, offering a furry game database, reviews, forums, personal blogs and a flash arcade.

The site is intended to help furry groups worldwide plan gaming nights, talk about furry gaming experiences, and find like-minded hobbyists, while providing information about game releases – past and present – featuring anthro characters. Its founder, JoJo Vixamour, also wants the site to represent the furry gaming community and news network at E3 2012.


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I am not sure whether this plan about E3 is actually do-able.

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Twister, I have actually been to E3 2009 and E3 2010, so it is extremely do-able. ;) I know the process.

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Okay, one year left.

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Lol yip yup. Then the Apocalypse. Might as well go out with a bang.

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Don't you go banging ppl at E3! >:(

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Only banging I'll be doing is banging people's heads in with the newest weapons on the newest games. XD

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