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The Furry Top 50 List

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I've never given Internet Top N lists much credence as a way of rating/ranking websites, and as such lists go, The Furry Top 50 is less impressive than most. This list, currently consisting mostly of artist and comic sites, looks like it never gained the critical mass of voters needed to make such a list really useful, and appears to have degraded into little more than a contest to see who can get the most visitors to click on the voting button. Nevertheless, it might be worth a look just to see if there are any interesting sites you might not have heard about among those listed.


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Not that it matters, but I have seen this sort of voting scheme used before, and based on previous experience with other similar lists... it's most likely a case of:
1) It's rigged voting. (Or can be easily skewed by someone posting multiple votes)
2) The sites selected are always the creators at or near the top
3) Selective editing by the list owner of what they consider to be proper and improper sites skews the results
Besides... so you are in the top 50, or not. And that means... what exactly? I'm popular or unpopular because I am or am not on the list? Oh well... whatever.

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No argument with any of your points. This particular list had almost none of the major furry sites I am familiar with; the fact that it consisted almost entirely of sites I hadn't heard of was the reason I thought it might be worth bringing to people's attention.

Flayrah's own web links section has had at least one instance of apparent vote rigging. A web link was added, and within a few days its hit counter had been pumped up enough for it to appear near the top when a user displays the most popular sites. The counter has moved very little since them. I don't think there is any tracking in the software of who clicks on a site or how many times.

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These are the top fifty furry sites!?!?

After reviewing them, I can only scratch my head in puzzlement. As someone who frequents many furry sites on a regular basis, I haven't heard of -any- of these sites. Who -are- these people!?

Seems like half of the links are broken, and the other half are Sonic fan art sites, more than anything else. How did these get ranked as the top fifty and who's -really- profitting from all this?

-Chuck Melville-

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Now I feel silly. Here I am a Flayrah Editor, and I didn't even realize we had sites ranked in any way. I know, the links were right there, but I just browsed by topic and apparently ignored the other options. :P


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Fifty "websites" consisting of the most awful anime Soniq "fan art" and CuTeSiE TrAmPoLiNE TExT designed to cause retinal strain so you'll click on the ad banner for laser eye surgery. Apparently the site is designed to promote the wearing of incredibly baggy bellbottom pants, usage of new photoshop filters such as "diffuse blur" and "gaussian lens clouds", and lesbian relationships between Bunnie Rabbot and assorted female Talespin characters.

Clearly, after sifting through a couple random "art" sites linked from this waste of bandwidth, furry fandom is not about furries or love of anthropomorphics anymore! The furry fans of the future are here, bringing bubble gum and <marquee> tags for all! Furries of the future fight with glowsticks and David Gonterman-esque cardboard weapons on the battlefield of the strip mall! I personally believe that this new wave of furry fans will cause furrydom to rise from the depths of depravity it's in right now into the limelight, advocating usage of "magic dance pills" and encouraging teenagers to rush out and buy tight pink t-shirts with the kanji characters for "I'm a moron!", "Look at me, I don't know any Japanese!" and "I rape preteen boys!" on them.

I hate you all.

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