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'Bitter Lake' now available on DVD

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Bitter Lake, the Fursuit feature that was announced as premiering at this year's Eurofurence (and which has done so to generally favorable reviews) was also made available there on a region-free DVD, making it theoretically available for purchase by all Furry fans.

Where the DVD may be purchased outside of Eurofurence's dealers' den is not yet known, but it is said to include behind-the-scenes footage and English, German and French subtitles.


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I still want to see that film. Maybe it'll be the first of a number of fursuit films, if it goes well anyway.

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I'd love to pick up a copy.

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Apparently it will be available at once the organizers get back to it around the start of September.

As for U.S. distribution, later in the year? Not sure who'll be doing it, though.

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We can officially announce it now, FurPlanet will be handling the US distribution. :-)

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Ah, excellent news! And I see we have a post about it, too - even better.

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