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FurPlanet to distribute Bitter Lake in U.S.

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FurPlanet is pleased to announce that we'll be distributing the new movie, Bitter Lake, to the U.S. market. If you have not heard about it, please check out the trailer and their website.

Bitter Lake – an EZwolf and Shay co-production – recently premiered at Eurofurence, and the screening was a smash hit. Everyone at FurPlanet is excited about the movie; we couldn't be happier about helping to bring it to furry conventions across the U.S., and to

More information and an order page will come soon. We estimate the DVDs will be in stock by late September, so keep your eyes on this space for more info when the time comes!

Bitter Lake
trust is a fickle thing...

After more than a decade of peace the proud and noble kingdom of Valanor is suddenly torn apart by a terrible civil war. After 12 years, when the dust settles and resources start to dwindle, the starving people of Valanor cry out for peace, forcing the leaders of Tier, Sinnah, Daneth and Osgard to lay down their arms and meet each other at the negotiation table.

As each province prepares an envoy to find a diplomatic solution at the Kingdom's only neutral ground, an ancient and dark organization plots its return. Unbeknownst to the leaders of the four warring provinces this old enemy will stop at nothing to crush any hope of lasting peace.

Can the four envoys put their old hatreds aside and forge a bond of trust? Or will those that crave the blood and terror of war get their way? Whatever the outcome, the fate of Valanor will be decided... at Bitter Lake.


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This is great news. Making Bitter Lake potentially available to all fans before the end of this year will eliminate the bugaboo of it being nominated for the Ursa Major Award by fans who couldn't possibly have seen it.

Fred Patten

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Boring story = not interested.

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