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'Homestuck' fans derail Newgrounds in accidental flash mob

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A torrent of Homestuck fans has taken flash hosting site Newgrounds offline. [tip: Sgeo]

Temporarily hosted off-site.   Mirror crashed. Will try something else later.

The popular comic adventure had as of today reached the 13-minute long finale of Act 5, which had been temporarily hosted on Newgrounds.

Upon hearing the news, creator Andrew Hussie's first comment was "well, that didn't work". He later explained the hosting situation and posted the flash files; they were soon torrented.

The comic is known among furs for therianthropic feline troll, Nepeta, furry fan Jade Harley, and for the inspiration of furry-heavy spin-off, Prequel.


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what does this have to do with furries?

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I'm adding that to the story as we speak, but we have had a couple of posts on the comic and its offspring. This specific piece has some furry content, but you'll need to see it for yourself.

Also, news is news; besides being of interest to some furs, few sources are covering Homestuck beyond The Tartan.

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Well at least I looked at newgrounds and found this:

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All I know about Homestruck is the very beginning, but after watching that, I realize now why it was posted. My brain also exploded. I'm just glad that I don't get seizures, or I would have probably died; the trippyness levels went to 11.

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i loveee homestuck <3 couldnt show the animation either XD
i decided to watch the act 5 animation on youtube. it was amazing!
but dont watch if you havnt read homestuck or else you wont understand it at all :(

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