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October 2011 Newsbytes archive

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For this month, I’ve kept the tags to ten. Hopefully they catch the furry zeitgeist.

dronon: Costume-Con 30 will honor Lance Ikegawa in May 2012.

GreenReaper: On that note . . . think fursuiters have it bad on stage? Imagine being a pony.

RingtailedFox: Bear attacks couple in their own home. [WNWO-TV]

Equivamp: Spacecraft kills endangered species.

crossaffliction: Spoiler alert! The original ending to Rise of the Planet of the Apes revealed!

Sonious: is using furries in an advertising campaign as pictured here.

Fred: Seahorses found in the River Thames at London..

Green Reaper: NPR's new head comes from Sesame Street.

RingtailedFox: Revenge of the bees.

Equivamp: If it looks like a bear and walks like a bear, it's probably a...what? Furry, humanoid creatures spotted in Siberia.

Fred: The giant, prehistoric squid that ate common sense.

Fred: Prosthetic limbs for animals.

RingtailedFox:Moose saved from pool in New Hampshire. [WMYD-DT My TV 20]

Fred: This new British animated TV advertisement implies that if you eat the sponsor's yogurt, you will turn into a blobby monster. Let us know when some food will turn us into furries.

Higgs Raccoon: It has been announced that Findra, MUCK wizard and FC committee member, has passed on.

Fred: Video of wild turkey chasing news reporter.

Kakurady: MLP fans caution against talking to "My Strange Addiction", a show that is known to portray hobbies in a less than flattering light.

Fred: Bat bridges over British Road will cost £500,000.

GreenReaper: Some coverage of this year's Antheria.

GreenReaper: ‘Criminal’ penguin steals rivals’ rocks.

Kakurady: Luskwood, the oldest furry area/community/avatar makers on Second Life, recently celebrated its 8th anniversary. (Via Daniel Voyager’s blog)

Green Reaper: Ren & Stimpy animator John K. lampoons fursuiters for an Adult Swim bumper. []

Fred: Loose exotic animals in Ohio are shot on sight.

dronon: Iron Liz gives a very positive video review of the Ironclaw RPG.

RingtailedFox: Housecat and mountain lion have stare-down contest.

RingtailedFox: Another kangaroo attack in Australia, near Perth.

Sonious: RE: "In July police were forced to pepper-spray a giant red kangaroo after it bounded into an elderly woman's garden in outback Queensland as she was hanging out the washing and attacked her." I plead the 5th.
Fred: Followup to article on loose exotic animals in Ohio being shot on sight..

GreenReaper: One risk when buying meat from strangers: being beaten with a frozen armadillo.

Fred: Millipedes can’t hear, but they “sing” to get mates. Why?

dronon: Sims 3: Pets

Mistranslated size results in giant monster slipper. [diadexxus/furrymedia]

GreenReaper: Gathering for Findra: Memorial Park on SpinDizzy, 12-3PM PDT, Sunday 23.

GreenReaper: Oily pelican photo wins top prize.

GreenReaper: WikiFur vandal-fighter Slinking Ferret, 20, died October 1.
Fred: A mouse plague attracts an owl plague to California's Farallon Islands.

Sonious: Google+, dealing with loss of usage, is now planning on implementing pseudonym support sometime in the future.

Fred: Anthropologists discover new social parallels between humans and orangutans.

Fred: Luxury demand for its shell threatens the chambered nautilus.
dronon: Something retroactively silly from 1986: Someone wants the Chipmunks dead.

Fred: New medical hope for the endangered Tasmanian devil.

Fred: Endangered dormouse babies saved from cat, given pumpkin to live in.

Fred: It's nice to see that humans can’t be blamed for all animal extinctions.

Fred: 100,000 crows? That's not too many -- except for Terre Haute.

Rakuen Growlithe: PETA is suing SeaWorld for slavery.

Equivamp: ...

Fred: Revenge of the roasted raccoon: neighbors' complaint of man cooking a raccoon on a backyard BBQ leads police to discover a meth lab.

Fred: Study of how woodpeckers peck without injuring their brains could lead to better head protections for humans.

Fred: British Members of Parliament discuss measures to protect people from increasingly large and aggressive seagulls.

Fred: Australia's new $1,000,000 gold coin, the world's largest gold coin, naturally features a kangaroo.

Fred: Video of “adorable” fox family living in landfill.

Fred: Arctic reindeer with thick fur stick out tongues and pant to keep from overheating.

Fred: 10 rare endangered species that may get a chance at survival

Sonious: TF2 makes a new item for the Demoman call The Pickled Paws. Demoman activity in Furry TF2 servers expected to reach critical mass in 3...2...1...

crossaffliction: Did you know Watership Down was listed as a “very important” horror novel by Stephen King in his nonfiction book Danse Macabre? The movie was pretty scary too.

Fred: Canadian senator argues to replace the beaver with the polar bear as the national emblem; very prejudiced against the beaver.

crossaffliction: Boo.

Equivamp: Happy Halloween to those who don't need to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up!

GreenReaper: Nice to see they snuck in some of our charity figures.


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