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Trailer: Killer Robots vs. Killer ... Slugs? ['Exoids']

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I thought that after a nuclear World War III destroyed all other life on Earth, it was supposed to be only the cockroaches that survived? Instead, Exoids says that it will be slugs (and other bugs?). Gus Nitrous, a kick-ass, stogie-chomping slug Mad Max that takes no prisoners, in this 5+ minute CGI trailer for … a movie? A video game? A TV series? Director Aristomenis Tsirbas’ doesn’t say yet what Exoids will be, except that it will be violent!

His eyes are supposed to be on those stalks, stupid! [Thanks, Cartoon Brew.]

2013 looks like a good year for anthro gastropods. There are Blue Sky’s (20th-Century Fox) Epic, due next May 24; PDI’s (DreamWorks) Turbo, about the world’s speediest snail, due next July 19; and now Gnomon Studios’ Exoids.


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And for retro-style indie computer games, there's Snailiad!

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Gus has a very Ron Pullman look to him.

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