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Trailer: Blue Sky's May 2013 'Epic'

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The Cartoon Brew has the first teaser/trailer for 20th-Century Fox’s & Blue Sky’s CGI-animated Epic, which features talking mice, birds, slugs and bugs.

The Brew's readers make a lot of comparisons to FernGully. Opens May 2013.


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The second trailer, and a story in the Hollywood Reporter! It still looks good.

Fred Patten

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The Cartoon Brew has posted the new theatrical poster for 20th-Century's/Blue Sky's CGI Epic. CB says that this poster makes it easy to mistake Epic for a live-action movie, which may be deliberate.

Fred Patten

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The 2’22” third trailer for 20th Century Fox’s/Blue Sky’s “Epic” is now out, showing new talking anthropomorphic animals: a frog, a mole, a fly, another slug.

Amid Amidi, at the Cartoon Brew, notes that a word in trailers #1 and #2 has been censored. Mub, the slug, now calls Mary Katharine, the human teenager, “girl” rather than “babygirl”. “This makes me wish so badly that I could have been a part of the meeting where they discussed the nuances of a slug saying ‘girl’ versus ‘babygirl.’”

Fred Patten

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