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'Guskô Budori no Denki' shows Japanese sure love their cats!

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This image includes catsEnough to include them in anime OH SO VERY OFTEN, and make a considerable number of movies starring them.

This one is an interesting example [site fails sporadically; alternate trailers] – directed by the same person responsible for Night on the Galactic Railroad (IMDB) and based, again, on a work by Kenji Miyazawa. And once again, the director used cats to tell the story. (Most of the character designs were lifted from Galactic Railroad as well.)

The romanized version of the movie's title is Guskô Budori no Denki, or "The Life of Guskô Budori". Set in 1920, Guskô is forced to leave his home in the forests of the T?hoku region of Japan after a series of natural disasters, joining scientists in the Ihatov Volcano Bureau who are studying them. Meanwhile, Guskô pursues the wintery tomcat who stole away his sister. Released July 7 in Japan.

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My thanks to GreenReaper for improving and expanding the article.

Well, I'll be...

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Well now, this looks interesting. Thanks guys!

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Thanks for posting this, Looks interesting. Definitely going to watch this movie. I always love Japanese movies.

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You're welcome!

Well, I'll be...

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Sadly you're getting compliments from spambots (with hidden links), but the thought is nice!

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