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Anthro Calendars for 2013

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September is when folks usually start taking orders for art-calendars for the following year — and this one is no exception. Orders are now open for the 2013 Werewolf Calendar, featuring lycanthropic-themed works from artists like Goldenwolf, Kyoht, Vantid, Balaa [See Below], Nimrais, Kyndir, Katie Hofgard, Myenia, and more. According to the calendar web site, orders will open at midnight on September 1st, and the first 150 orders will receive a free werewolf sticker and bookmark as well. Then there’s the Rare Calendar for 2013, which every year features anthropomorphic versions of rare or endangered species — and this year, also features the theme of world cultures. The artists involved include Ashalind, CentraDragon, Tiina Purin, Donna Quinn, SilverFox5213, AlectorFencer, Katmomma, Qzurr, Nimrais, Heather Bruton, BloodhoundOmega, Windfalcon, and Kaji. Orders are being taken right now at the Rare Calender web site.

image c. 2012 by Balaa


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I just found out about this site and wanted to let you know that while the Anthro Calendar is called RARE, it's subject changes every year. It was Unusual in 2010, Extinct in 2011, Mystical in 2012 and as you have stated, Cultural in 2013.

Thanks for the article anyway. I shall be checking out this site a bit more. :)

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