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Video: German fursuiter proves sky no limit in tandem dive

Edited as of Sat 25 Jan 2014 - 23:07
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German fursuiter Keenora, clearly not satisfied with bungee jumping, has participated in a tandem skydive in full suit, with video coverage produced by BigBlueFox. [Skippyfox]


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Now, THAT takes cahones. Two thumbs up for that guy!!

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His tail looks like it's curled around the guys leg haha

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If you look closely you can see it is attached with some of those strip fasteners, presumably to avoid flailing during flight.

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You mean flailing around your tails isn't the secret to flying like a helicopter? Nooooooooo!

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In fairness, Keenora only has one tail, so he'd go into a spin if he tried that.

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Conker only needed one tail to do the "taily helicoptery thingy."

However, he had very limited flight time. Not much help in say, jumping out of a plane.

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You're not seriously comparing video game physics with real life skydiving, are you?

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Well, obviously!

Conker taught me so much! Did you know, under the right circumstances, poop can actually sing?

It's true.

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I love you. Will you marry me?

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Well, this is sudden. How about a spring wedding!

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Oh waow, the video ended up here o.O!
Thank you ^^° Well, the tail was fixed, yeah. Otherwise it would have hit between the skydive-teachers legs ;3

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Actually, did you have to do anything special with your head? Aren't you supposed to wear a helmet (though I can't honestly say what that prevents that the parachute doesn't)?

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Well, I took some security needles o.o But they were unnecessary :3
And no, you do not have to wear a helmet ;)

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